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Dear Progressive,

Perhaps you have participated in a SWWAP-sponsored event. If so, you know of the organization, which has served the greater Mt. Horeb Area for the past decade. If not, permit SWWAP to introduce itself.


Southwest Wisconsin Area Progressives (SWWAP) was formed in 2004 by a group of politically homeless citizens in the Mt. Horeb area. George W. Bush was president and progressives were feeling angst about the prospect of another Bush term in office. Around a kitchen table in the Town of Primrose, an idea arose. Instead of only campaigning every election cycle, why not work year-round to educate ourselves and others on state and national issues that need to be addressed. It was reasoned that through programming, social events, and a good dose of fun, progressives would have a better chance at winning elections. SWWAP was born.


The organization that first year had public programming on the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It hosted speakers and films about the country's health care system, environmental concerns, and, yes, the upcoming election. The group held social events to fund full-page ads in all Mt. Horeb area papers and shoppers. The group held its breath and hoped for a change in government. It turned out that change would not happen, for in 2004, Bush would be re-elected and conservatives would continue a stranglehold on progressive initiatives. Jump ahead ten years, and the need for progressive action is still great. SWWAP has been there throughout those years, and it will be here in the foreseeable future.


Throughout the years, SWWAP has provided more than sixty programs on current issues to the public. Some of the programs over the last two years that SWWAP has produced or sponsored are: two candidate forums; programs by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters, Citizens' Climate Lobby, Sierra Club, and blue jean revolution; public service fundraisers for the area food bank, Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, and Southwest Dane Senior Outreach; two sponsored concerts at the Old Schoolhouse; and help with campaign volunteers in elections.


All of the above programming required personal effort and funds. We are asking you for a yearly contribution of either or both. A yearly contribution of funds, large or small, will allow SWWAP to expand its programming in coming years and establish a stable financial base on which to work. Your yearly donation will allow you to be part of SWWAP's core group, receive special core member news, and attend core member organization meetings. All are encouraged to help the organization by volunteering time as well.


Yes, SWWAP has been, and will continue to be, a progressive force in the greater Mt. Horeb area. The organization's structure allows all to participate in events, programming, and direct action. Through progressive victories, and, yes, defeats, SWWAP has been a mainstay of the progressive community in YOUR area since 2004. With your help, it will continue to be in 2024 and beyond.

Thank you for your consideration 

Please send your donation to:

Southwest Wisconsin Area Progressives 

C/O Gerhard Luetschwager, SWWAP Treasurer

9763 County Road A

Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin 53572